Investing In You

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Photo by Dennis Shepherd. Time is short but investing in you is never a waste of time

When people talk about ‘investing in you’ our immediate thoughts are personal development, health and fitness, and me time.  We don’t naturally include self-confidence in this thought process, but we should.  Self-confidence in fundamental to everything we do.

You can achieve self-confidence in lots of different ways. Everyone thinks about learning new skills and excelling at the things they do. Think a little deeper… negative or challenging life experiences can be equally effective at developing self-confidence. No experience is ever wasted unless you want to waste it.

Why not make 2017 all about investing in you. How will you invest in you this year? Good or bad experiences, new opportunities; every day is an opportunity to increase your self-confidence so what are you waiting for?

To help you get started here is a bucket list exercise. Obviously you don’t have to achieve each goal this year, but it will help you to identify the things you would most like to do before you die. All you need is a pen, paper and imagination.

  1. On a blank sheet of paper create a grid with three columns and as many rows as you wish. Note: you can always add more rows as there’s no limit to how many goals you include on your bucket list. The headings for your three columns are – Item (things I want to do before I die, Why this would be meaningful to me, and Importance 1-10 (10 is most important)
  2. Give yourself 15-30 minutes to come up with as many ideas as possible for your bucket list. Don’t analyse them – just write whatever pops into your head
  3. Spend a short while (you choose how long) reflecting on your bucket list. Against each goal answer the question – why would this be meaningful to me?
  4. Now rate each item 1 – 10. Any goals with a score of less than 7 are probably nice to haves but not things you’re likely to be motivated to do
  5. Now reorder your list based on how meaningful each goal is (starting with the goals you’ve scored 10)
  6. Choose one small action on your bucket list that you can take today or start exploring. You’ve now started working on your bucket list and your self-confidence is already growing

“Without a goal, you can’t score” – (author unknown). Self-confidence is a goal that’s definitely worth scoring. Good luck!

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