Does Your Self-confidence Need Some Kind Words?

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I found myself with some time on my hands and so I set myself a challenge to come up with 25 inspirational mantras to be used when I need perking up. Here’s what I came up with. I hope some of these might brighten up your day too (if you need it):

1. When you’re feeling down remind yourself that every cloud has a silver lining. Self-confidences is that silver lining
2. Acceptance is a key part of developing self-confidence. It speeds up the process by reducing the impact of negative situations/comments
3. Learning to admire others without feeling the need to compare yourself to them is a sign of real self-confidence
4. Self-confidence is like every other journey/goal – it starts with a single step
5. Self-sabotage is like a treadmill with a broken off switch. Fix it now and recover your sense of self-worth
6. Today may be a low self-esteem day but that doesn’t mean tomorrow has to be. The choice is mine
7. Self-confidence is about knowing what really matters to you, not meeting other people’s expectations
8. Change is inevitable. Develop the self-confidence to be in charge of the change in your world
9. Never see yourself as a failure. Just view this as developing self-confidence in an unexpected way
10. Don’t expect to resolve all your self-confidence issues at once. Like every other achievement it takes time and effort
11. When you reach a crossroads in your life choose the route that leads to self-confidence
12. If you learn something from every day your confidence will grow steadily and consistently
13. Following your passions brings joy into your life, which increases your self-confidence
14. Fear hates to be challenged. Face your fears and overcome your confidence issues
15. Fill your wellbeing bank with little nuggets of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love, and notice the difference
16. Every negative thought you harbour is giving low self-esteem the upper hand
17. Find the confidence to overcome adversity and watch your confidence grow
18. Every setback is an opportunity to come back stronger and more confident, or be defeated. The choice is yours
19. Make a conscious decision to remove the toxic people in your life. Your sense of wellbeing will increase as they disappear from your life
20. There is no limit to how much self-confidence you can experience. Only you can decide when you’ve reached your desired level of self-confidence
21. Too often women fail to feel confident and comfortable with their own brilliance. I’m going to play my part in changing this by spotting what’s great about me
22. Feeling embarrassed talking about yourself in a positive way is an indication of lack of self-confidence. Don’t give in as you feel less uncomfortable as your confidence grows
23. Everything in life, including self-confidence, is possible providing your take responsibility for your own empowerment
24. A change in your self-confidence starts when you can see the first step on your ladder to success
25. Don’t wait to get older before you start believing in yourself. The sooner you start this the more confidence you will acquire

You might like to set yourself a similar challenge. It’s quite an uplifting thing to do. If one of your inspirational quotes/affirmations speaks to you why not use it as your self-confidence mantra. If you take up this challenge I would love to know the quotes or affirmations you come up with so please do get in touch – or

Until the next time…

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